Setting Up your Alyce Profile

Welcome to Alyce! This guide will walk you through setting up your profile in Alyce. 

  • Customize the gift experience - Recipients will know at a glance who a gift is from.
  • Be yourself - add a fun fact to your profile to break the ice. Share your love of mountain climbing, cooking, painting, music, and more.
  • Integrate your email - increase delivery and open rates by sending from your work email instead of the Alyce default gift address.
  • Integrate your Calendar - Simplify scheduling meetings.

Setting up Your User Profile 

Navigate to your user icon in the top right of the dashboard, click on "Personal Settings" 

Click on "Profile & Settings" 

On this page, add your Profile Photo, Display Name, Your Role, and Phone Number, and add a fun fact.

Note: People love to see who is sending a gift! Adding your photo will increase your gift acceptance rate. Grabbing a snapshot that includes something from your #5-9 is a fun way to connect to your recipient.

For best results, use a photo that is clear and focused on your face. Images should be no greater than 150 pixels to avoid display issues with Outlook inboxes.
Your Name, Role, and Phone number will appear as your signature on all landing pages, redemption pages, and emails to the

Add a Fun Fact about yourself

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the "Profile & Settings" page and expand "Your fun fact(s)" by clicking "change" on the right hand side.
  2. Write a line about your personal interests.
  3. Check the box "Display in gift experience landing pages" so that it shows up in the gift experience. 
  4. Click "save" 

Connect your Email and Calendar

Where possible, Alyce recommends connecting your email and calendar to make scheduling easy, and improve email deliverability. Please follow our guide to Connect your Email and Calendar.

Can't connect to GSuite or Outlook? You can still set the best times for your recipients to book a time to meet.

Set your usual working hours 

Calendar Preferences: this setting allows you to set:

  • Your Timezone
  • Respect Free/Busy Time on Your Calendar 
  • Default Meeting Length Meeting Availability Window (how long after a meeting is booked can it be set) 
  • Default Meeting Place (Phone Call, Zoom Link, etc.)  Adding a video conference link will automatically add the meeting room link to every meeting.

Note: If you need to block out a full day, for example, a vacation or reserving a day of the week for no meetings, you'll need to set a regular block on your Calendar. Simply adding a full-day event will not be recognized by Alyce. Availability must be set to "Busy" to block meetings


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