Connect Your Email and Calendar

To send digital gift invitations through Alyce and book meetings directly to your calendar, Alyce needs permission to connect with your inbox. This article will walk you through connecting your inbox and configuring your calendar settings to book meetings during your hours of business. 

If you are an admin, make sure you've configured your Team Settings to allow for inbox and calendar integration.

Please note: Because the emails are being sent directly from you and not a 3rd party email client, sending digital gift invitations through the Alyce inbox integration improves overall email deliverability and gift view rates. 

Connecting Your Email & Calendar Through Personal Settings

Open your Personal Settings by clicking your Avatar in the Alyce Dashboard 

In your personal settings, navigate to "Integrations." 

If you use Outlook, click "Sign in with Microsoft" and follow the sign-in flow. For details on the permissions required from Microsoft, please visit our Microsoft FAQs page.

If you use Google Mail, click "Sign in with Google" and follow the sign-in flow. For details on the permissions required from Google, please visit our Google FAQs page.

Adjust Calendar Settings

Navigate to Your Preferences > General > Settings

Set your usual working hours 
Calendar Preferences

This allows you to set:

  • Your Timezone
  • Respect Free/Busy Time on Your Calendar 
  • Set a Buffer period (allows you time to prepare for a meeting, set in hours or days)
  • Default Meeting Length Meeting Availability Window (how long after a meeting is booked can it be set) 
  • Default Meeting Place (Phone Call, Zoom Link, etc.) 

Note: If you need to block out a full day, for example a vacation or reserving a day of the week for no-meetings, you'll need to set a regular block on your Calendar. Simply adding a full-day event will not be recognized by Alyce.

Connecting During the Gifting Flow

If your email and calendar are not connected to Alyce, a new step will appear in the gifting process. As you are following these steps to send a gift through Alyce, this step will appear after you've selected "Email Invitation."

  1. Follow steps 1 - 6 of the "How to Send a Gift Through Alyce" article. 
  2. After your gift invitation has been selected, you will then be prompted to connect your inbox and calendar. (This step will only appear if you do not have your calendar connected.)  

  3. Select the email service provider you use and follow the series prompts to connect your inbox and calendar. 
    1. Please note: If your company uses Exchange On Premises for email, do not connect your calendar.
  4. Once your inbox and calendar are connected, you will return to your gifting flow and can continue with the remaining steps to send your gift. 

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