Getting Started: How to Create a Gift Redemption Card Campaign

Using Alyce's Gift Redemption Card Campaign, you can generate a list of unique gift codes to be printed out on business cards to take to your next customer on-site, in-person event, or anywhere else the field may take you. 

You have the option to generate a list of digital gift codes in a CSV file, or Alyce can print and ship these gift codes onto business cards to you.

How to Create a Gift Redemption Card Campaign

To start setting up your Gift Redemption Card Campaign, navigate to Campaign Settings. Select "Create new campaign" and choose Gift Redemption Card.

Setting up a physical gift redemption card campaign

1. When creating a campaign, choose "Gift Redemption Card." 

2. Name your campaign and assign it to a team. The campaign manager will be an admin on the selected team. 

The Gift Code Redemption campaign country is limited to the United States and Canada. 

Now that your Campaign framework is set up let's configure the gift marketplace options for this campaign.

3. Click the Build Marketplace button and choose which gift types, gift budgets, and vendors you would like to allow. 

Note: These marketplace settings will narrow down the leading gift marketplace and the gift recipient marketplace.

4. Determine the lead gift you want to present to recipients

5. Allow recipients to exchange their gift

6. Recipient Actions allows you to choose what actions a recipient must take to accept their gift. Learn more about what actions to require here.

7. Set a message for the campaign

8. Decide how you want to provide gift codes to recipients. Physical cards are prepared by our printing service and delivered to you, ready to hand out. Digital codes can be used in digital campaigns, or you can use them with your own custom card design and your preferred printing service.

Note: For physical gift cards, you will need to provide the text, logo, and colors that Alyce will print on the front of your Gift Redemption Cards. Here is an example of what ours look like:

Please allow 3–4 weeks for order processing, shipping, and delivery.

9. Review your Gift Code Redemption campaign. When ready to proceed, click Create a campaign.


Can I book meetings with Redemption Card Campaigns?

Yes! You will be prompted to assign an owner when you order or generate batches of cards or codes. When a code from that batch is claimed, the recipient will see the owner's name and photo on the gift landing page, and they will see the availability of the batch owner's calendar. If you have a large team sharing a campaign, we recommend labeling each batch with the Rep's name. 

Can I change the expiration date of the gift codes?

Yes, absolutely! Note that this action can only be done by the team admin. And for that, they need to go to the edit settings option that they can find on the dropdown action menu from the campaign. Then, select the tab Codes on the top. There you can change the expiration date of the gift. And remember to save the changes.

Tip: The order name must not exceed 50 characters; otherwise, the save button will not be available.

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