Getting Started: How to Create a Gift Redemption Card Campaign

Using Alyce’s Gift Redemption Card Campaign, you can generate a list of unique gift codes to be printed out on business cards to take with you to your next customer on-site, in-person event, or anywhere else the field may take you. 

To start setting up your Gift Redemption Card Campaign, navigate to Campaign Settings. Select “Create new campaign” and choose Gift Redemption Card.

You have the option to generate a list of digital gift codes in a CSV file, or Alyce can print and ship these gift codes onto business cards to you.

 This article guides you through setting up a physical card campaign.

Setting up a physical gift redemption card campaign

1. When creating a campaign, choose “Gift Redemption Card.”


2. Click “Physical card campaign” to proceed.

3. Give your campaign a title and designate who will be the owner to receive all notifications of gift status updates and calendar bookings if you require a meeting.

4. Choose the gift options to provide recipients. You can select gifts from the entire Alyce marketplace or opt for a Custom Marketplace. Bonus points if you set up a Custom Marketplace using gifts that reflect the event or location theme. 

In the example below, we want to bring Alyce Gift Redemption Cards to an event in Austin, Texas, so we will use a Custom Marketplace we created filled with Austin-inspired gifts.

5. Determine the lead gift you want to present to recipients. After selecting the gift, specify the landing page header and message that all gift recipients will see.

6. If you want to require actions on your gift, such as a calendar booking, you can adjust those options. 

7. Now, it’s time to design your physical cards. Provide the text, logo, and colors that Alyce will print on the front of your Gift Redemption Cards. 

8. After reviewing the card design, set an expiration date for the cards and indicate how many cards you need in increments of 50. Be sure to include your actual shipping address so you can receive them. 

9. Review your physical gift code campaign. When ready to proceed, click “Confirm design / amount and order cards.” Our operations team will receive your order and begin to fulfill it promptly. Please allow 3–4 weeks for order processing, shipping, and delivery.

10. Once you have your cards you can hand them out to recipients in person. They will navigate to, and type in their unique gift code.

11. The recipient will then be redirected to the gift landing page where they can accept the lead gift, exchange it for one they prefer better, or donate the gift value to charity.

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