Actions to Require for Recipient Gift Acceptance

Alyce allows the gift sender to require a recipient to provide information, or take an action in order to accept their gift. This decision is largely based on the purpose of the gift that is being sent. 

What options are available?

After selecting a campaign, gift, sender, and the perfect message, you will have a chance to choose required actions for your gift. In this article, we have some suggestions for when to use these actions. We also encourage working with your CSM or other members of your team to determine which options are best for you.

No Required Action

The first option is to require no action. With this option, the recipient can claim the gift, enter their shipping details, and confirm. That's it! Nothing else is needed. This is perfect for a no-strings gift like saying thank you, celebrating a milestone, or a gift to keep in touch.

Phone Number

If you will need a phone number for a follow-up call, or for other reasons, you can require that information here. Note that recipients may be more willing to attend a video meeting rather than take a phone call. This field requires at least 10 digits and can support international dial codes.


For campaigns such as our Redemption Card Campaign that can be used to prospect at an event (without any contact details), we recommend requiring an email for gift acceptance. This allows you to follow up on your outreach efforts.

Calendar Event

For door-opening gifts, it is very common to require the recipient to schedule a meeting. If you feel like asking for the recipient’s phone number and email is impersonal, you do not have to require the recipient to provide this information, but can still require that they book a meeting on your calendar. To have meetings booked on your calendar in real-time, we recommend that you Connect your Email and Calendar. Your recipient will be asked to pick a time to meet after selecting their gift. To see that flow, check out Recipient Experience - Meeting Required.

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