How to Monitor Remaining Gift Invitations

NOTE: 'Gift Limits' / 'Gift Invites' is a legacy feature. Please see Team Budgets for details on the latest functionality. If you need help, please contact [email protected].

Want to keep track of how many gift invitations you have left to send? 

Alyce keeps track of your active invitations in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. 

The Invitations number is adjusted as you navigate to different teams and campaigns.

Click the Teams tab to see your total invites remaining.

Click on a team to see how many invites you have remaining on a specific team.

Click on a campaign to view your total invites for a specific Personal Gifting Campaign or Prospecting Campaign

Please note: 1:Many and Redemption Card Campaigns do not utilize gift invites, so your total will always be zero on any 1:Many or Redemption Card Campaign.

How do I get more invites?

Reach out to your Manager or Alyce Admin to request more invites. Instructions on how to grant new or additional invites can be found in Managing Gift Limits