Managing Gift Limits

NOTE: 'Gift Limits' / 'Gift Invites' is a legacy feature. Please take a look at Team Budgets for details on the latest functionality. If you need help, please get in touch with [email protected].

To send a gift through Alyce, your team members will need to be assigned Invites first. You can set individual limits or edit these in bulk from the Campaign Settings.

Navigate to "Campaign Settings" by clicking on your Campaign menu item at the top of the home screen. 

Select the Campaign you want to update, then select the "Gift Invites" tab at the top of the screen. 

Navigate to "Gift Limits."  Here, you can set the number of invites allowed for each person (Gift Invites) and determine how often that limit resets (Reset Rate). You can also get visibility in this view of how many remaining invites each member has (Remaining). 

To set individual limits, update the "Gift Invites" number and the reset rate. 

Bulk select using the checkboxes to set gift invites for multiple people at once. Click the checkbox at the top of the list to select everyone.

Click the "Gift Invites Edit" button to open the bulk editor. 

Save your settings, and your users will see their new invite totals in their dashboards.

When are gift invites deducted from my total?

Gift Invites are used when you send a gift, whether accepted or not. 

Admins - please note that gift invites will not match the Gifts Accepted number in the Billing Insights Dashboard

What if I send a gift to another user?

Whether you send it yourself or someone else, the gift will be deducted from your own limit.

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