How to Upload Recipients and Submit for Research

Ready to start sending gift invitations? This article will show you how to upload recipients into Alyce. There are two ways: individually or in a bulk upload. This document will show you how to do both. 

Please note: Due to privacy laws, Alyce Research is only available in the United States and Canada

Configure Your Campaign Settings

To send a bulk upload list to be researched, your campaign must be set to "Require Research." From the Campaign list, hover over your campaign and click the "Actions" menu drop-down. Choose Edit Settings > Gift Research Options > Change > set "Research Required" and save. 

For campaigns where you will be creating gifts individually, set the campaign to "Choice of Instant Gift or Research" if you want to allow Instant gifting. 

Individual Upload

When uploading one contact at a time to Alyce for research click "Send a gift" in the top right: 

If you think/know you have already sent a gift to this contact previously, search for that person in the search box: 

If your contact does not exist yet, select "Create a New Contact"

Enter your contact's information and select "Add Recipient": 

You will then see this screen, and the research for your prospect will be returned shortly!  

Bulk Upload

Often, marketers will upload lists of contacts in bulk so that sales reps do not have to always submit prospects for research on a one-off basis. Here is the process for bulk uploading a list of contacts for research:  

Start again by selecting "Send a Gift" and come to this screen: 

Select "Bulk Upload a List" 

Select the team you are uploading the list to 

Download the XLS template.  Add all the contacts to the spreadsheet template using the fields outlined: 

When you've completed and saved your Excel file with all contacts you want to upload for research, select "Choose File" and upload your file.  Click "Upload file and preview"

You can then preview the upload line by line, and select the campaign you would like the uploaded contacts to be assigned to:  

Click "Verify and upload your list" and you're finished!  Alyce will begin researching your list.

Why can't I upload a list?

If you do not see the option to bulk upload a list of recipients, check the Campaign Settings for Gift Limits. An individual user does not need to have available gift invitations to upload a list, but at least one member of the team does need to have available gift invitations. Follow the steps in Managing Gift Limits to add Gift Invites for yourself or others on your team (admin only).

What if there is no information publicly available about my recipient?

If there is no publicly available information about your recipient, Alyce still has the ability to generate personalized gift recommendations by using the information you provide.

When inputting the name and email address of your recipient, you have the opportunity to indicate information about them - such as the recipient’s interests, city, and state. You can also provide information about your relationship with them and the reason for the gift. The more information you provide, the better the gift recommendation we can provide! 

Note: even without a lot of information, Alyce can still often recommend personalized gifts that will make an impression on your recipient. 

If you do not provide any information (other than name and email) about the recipient, and there is no publicly available information about them, Alyce will recommend best-seller gifts for you to give. These gifts will usually be something that anyone would love, encompassing current trends.

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