Testing the Marketo Integration

Complete the following steps to ensure the integration is functioning and the Custom Activities are being pushed from Alyce to Marketo.

1) Confirm the integration is completed before testing

  • As Org Admin, login to Alyce and navigate to Organization Settings.
  • Under the Integrations tab, confirm the green check and "Connected" text for Marketo and select "Manage".
  • Confirm the "Connected on" and "Last sync" dates/times and that the correct custom activities are selected.  NOTE: Alyce activities do not flow retroactively (activity prior to the "Connected on" date).

2) Send a test gift

  • Send an Alyce gift via email to, for example, your personal mail account or your Alyce CSM.

3) Review Marketo for the "Gift invitation created" status

  • Navigate to "Database"
  • Within "System Smart Lists" select "All People", navigate to the "People" tab, and use the "Quick find..." box at the bottom of the screen to search for the gift recipient. 
  • When found, double click the name to access their record.  Select "Activity Log" to check for the Alyce Custom Activity. NOTE: There may be a ~ 2min delay in recording this activity.