How To Duplicate a Campaign

Duplicating a campaign allows you to clone an existing Alyce campaign including its associated settings, such as:

  • Campaign Type
  • Budget
  • Gift Types
  • Countries Included
  • Gift Invitation Types
  • Gift Limits
  • Vendor Types
  • Required Actions
  • Gift Expirations

 Steps to Duplicate a Campaign:

In the Alyce Dashboard, navigate to Campaigns from the top menu bar  

Use the search bar to find and select the campaign you want to duplicate. Hover next to the campaign name to bring up the "Actions" dropdown menu. Select the "Duplicate" option.

Once duplicated, rename your campaign in the dialogue box and click "Save."
You can now edit your campaign to make any changes you need. 

You can also Archive or Expire the previous campaign if it is no longer needed.

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