How to Archive or Expire an Alyce Campaign

The new campaign management features make it easier for you to view and manage your campaigns. We updated the campaign list with relevant information and filters, so you can narrow down your view. 

The new Archive and Expire features are helpful when you need to reduce the clutter and remove campaigns that may have been created by mistake, or if you want to exclude no longer needed campaigns from your reps view.

Archive campaigns

Archive test campaigns or campaigns that were created by mistake to reduce clutter. 

Archiving an active campaign expires the campaigns, prevents recipients from accessing gift links and excludes campaign data from reporting. If you’re looking to stop active campaigns but keep campaign data for reporting purposes, checkout the new Expire feature.

How to archive a campaign:

  1. Open the campaigns list
  2. Hover over a campaign row and click Archive from the actions dropdown

To find an archived campaign, click Archived in the campaigns list sidebar

Archive a campaign action is available for Personal gifting and 1:many campaign types.

Expire campaigns

Use the “Expire” campaign option for campaigns that are no longer needed. 

When you expire a campaign gift senders will not be able to select these campaigns through the gifting flow. 

This action expires gift links for 1:many campaigns and prevents recipients from accessing gift links. For Personal gifting campaigns already sent gifts will not be expired. You can expire gifts individually from your dashboard.

Expiring a campaign allows you to:

  • Limit the number of active campaigns for your sales reps to use
  • Provide access only to campaigns that are ready to execute
  • Use campaigns for a set period of time

Expire action is available for Personal gifting and 1:many campaign types.

How to expire a campaign:

  1. Open the campaigns list
  2. Hover over a campaign row and click Expire from the actions dropdown

Set a Future expiration date for 1:many campaigns

Along with immediate expiration, you’re able to set a future expiration date for 1:many campaigns, which can be helpful when you want to use a campaign for a set period of time.

  1. Open campaign settings
  2. In the "Details" tab, click the expiration dropdown, and change your Campaign to "Custom Date"

Campaign status explained


These are your active, up and running campaigns. Gift senders are able to use these campaigns for gifting.


Upcoming campaigns in development where the gift link is not yet live and ready for distribution. Note: The “draft” status is not available for Personal gifting campaigns


Expired campaigns that are no longer needed, but still available for reporting. Learn more about the expire a campaign action. Only available for Personal gifting and 1:many campaigns.


Test or made by mistake campaign that you have archived. Archived campaigns aren't included in the  “All campaigns” counter.


Can I un-archive a campaign?


Can I duplicate a campaign after it's archived?

You can duplicate Personal gifting campaigns

Will custom marketplaces created for 1:Many campaigns be archived too?

No, archiving a campaign doesn’t affect the attached custom marketplace.

Can we see who archived a campaign?

We show the last person who updated the campaign

Can I archive a 1:many draft?

You can remove no needed 1:many drafts with a Discard draft action.

What happens if a recipient tries to claim a gift? Will they see an error or be directed to the gift sender?

Archiving a campaign expires all gifts within the campaign.


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