How to Edit Campaign Settings

Sometimes after a campaign is created, you may need to make changes to the initial settings. Some of the most important changes might be adjusting the budget for your gifts, adding or removing gift types, or changing the default send-as.

  1. To edit a campaign start by clicking Campaigns across the top navigation bar

  2. Find your campaign in the list by searching or sorting (clicking the headers)

  3. From here, mouse over the campaign name to bring up the "Edit Settings" option

  4. Changes can be made on either the "General" or "Gift Invites" tabs

More detail on the various settings can be found on our pages linked below:

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Note: if you adjust campaign budgets, gift types, or gift vendors any recipient who has been sent a gift invite will still be able to redeem that invite.  If they choose to exchange their gift, they will see the latest selected options.

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