How to Add a Recipient to a 1:Many Campaign

After creating an Alyce 1:Many Campaign, you can add recipients as needed. This article is for Campaigns that do not have Gifting on the Fly enabled. Only Team Admins can update a 1:Many Campaign where Gifting on the Fly is not enabled

Why add recipients to a 1:Many Campaign?

  • If the group of people you want to be eligible for a gift changes, you can add to the Campaign restrictions instead of creating a new campaign. 
  • If intended recipients of the campaign report seeing this error:  

How to Add Recipients to the Campaign 

Click the Campaigns tab in your Alyce Dashboard and locate the campaign you want to update

From the 1:Many Campaign Editor, select the Recipients Tab

A partial list of recipients is displayed. Scroll to the bottom of this section and click "Add single recipient" to open text input fields. 

Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Company fields. Then click "Add recipient" to save this person to your campaign. 

Now, when they enter their email on the Gift Landing Page, they will be able to accept their gift from your team.

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