Gifting on the Fly

With an Alyce 1:Many Campaign, you will create a pre-selected list of recipients. Sometimes you find someone was left off, or someone meets the conditions of your campaign after campaign creation. Maybe you just met a prospect at a networking event, and want to include them now.

Gifting on the Fly makes it easy to add recipients at any time to an existing campaign.

Note: To allow Gifting on the Fly, check the option in the Campaign Settings. If Gifting on the Fly is disabled, only admins can add recipients to a campaign.

Open Gifting on the Fly from a Campaign page or directly from

Since Gifting on the Fly can happen anywhere, we’ve made this page very mobile friendly

Select your campaign from the drop down menu. When selected, you’ll have a preview of what gift the recipient will see on the landing page.

Note: In campaigns where multiple gift links are enabled, the user adding a recipient using Gifting on the Fly will generate a link associated with their email. The Gift Attribution is noted below the Campaign selector dropdown.

Enter the email and company name of the new recipient and confirm by clicking “Add to Campaign.”

A success message will be displayed at the top of the page, and your link is ready to send.