How to Add a Team Member in Alyce

This article will guide admins in adding a team member to Alyce.

You can start by selecting the image of the nut located at the top right of your dashboard and then opening the Users and Teams Settings. 

You will arrive on the Users Tab and can manage the people in your Organization. From here, you can add and edit users, change team assignments, and remove users from teams or the Organization.

Add individual users

Click the "Create users" button to open a dialog to add your new teammates to Alyce.

Fill in the email, name, company, and team assignment details of the user you wish to invite. The Company name will default to your Organization Name, but you may customize this for subsidiaries and separate departments as needed. 

Add as many users as you like from this screen. When finished, proceed to the next screen by clicking the Next button.

Add Users in Bulk

Admins can upload an Excel file to save time adding multiple new users simultaneously.

Click "Upload a file in XLSX format" to start this process.

Download the Sample File as a template. The Alyce servers look for specific headers to validate data; missing headers will cause the upload to fail.

Once your file is ready, click "Choose a File" and select it from your computer.

Once uploaded, you'll see a list of all users uploaded. Any errors will be highlighted. Fix them here, or adjust and re-save your file to upload again. Clicking "Back" from this screen will return to the file upload page.

Assign a role and add the user to all teams they should be a part of. Learn more about Roles and Permissions.  

Once satisfied with the assignments, click "Send Invites" to email all new users with a unique sign-in link.

Please note: Alyce sends an invite to the email address you input. The user must accept the invite from the link in their email before they will be able to login or use the Alyce features.

Now that you've added to your team, the next step is to set the number of gifts they can set in each campaign. Read more about Managing Gift Limits.

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