How to Add a Team Member in Alyce

This article will guide admins in adding a team member to Alyce.

Getting Started

In the main navigation click on the down carrot next to your picture and choose Team Settings, which will bring you to this page: 

Click into the team you want to add the member to and then click on the big green button that says "Add Team Member." 

Input their information as noted in the image below and choose whether they are a member or an admin. The person will get an invite from Alyce to log into their account, so make sure they know to look for it! 

If you send the invite and the person does not get it, you can resend from the individual team view. 

Please note: Adding people to a team grants them visibility to all Campaigns. To send gifts from a campaign, they will need Invites. Learn more about Managing Gift Limits and Campaign Gift Invitations for your team members

Users will receive an email with invitation for each Team, if they are in multiple teams. They only need to accept one invitation to set up their account and password in Alyce.

Removing Users

At this time, it is not possible for admins to remove users from their team from the Alyce Dashboard. Please reach out to the Alyce Support Team for assistance.