Getting Started: How to Create an Alyce Personal Gifting™ Campaign

Create a Personal Gifting Campaign to send a gift directly from a member of your team to a customer or prospect.

Click on the settings icon and choose "Campaign Settings."

Click on the "Create new campaign" Button

Proceed to the Create new campaign screen:

  • Fill in the name of your campaign.
  • The team that should have access and who the owner/admin of the campaign will be. This person can receive email notifications regarding gift activities in the campaign.  Here you can also grant access to specific team members.

  • The campaign country, where you should consider the countries where your recipients live.
  • The campaign's purpose is where you can define the audience and the estimated total recipients.
  • Click Create Campaign when you are finished.

Congratulations! Your campaign is ready to use, with the Alyce default settings. Let’s customize your Personal Gifting Campaign to meet your needs.

Set the Gift Budget or choose a Custom Marketplace

Click the Gift Invites tab and the "Change" button for the first menu option. Here you can configure the value of gifts available in your campaign. Use the Preview links to see what products will be available with the current budget and campaign settings. Use the Recipient Experience to preview the gift flow.

Add Gift Invites

NOTE: 'Gift Limits' / 'Gift Invites' is a legacy feature. Please see Team Budgets for details on the latest functionality. If you need help, please contact [email protected].

Team members cannot send gifts until they have invites allotted. Set these from the Gift Invites tab. See more in Managing Gift Limits.

Update the Campaign name

If you decide the name is not clear, or your objective changes, you can edit your campaign name.

Change the Campaign Owner

Going on vacation? Stepping into a new role? Change the Campaign owner to another person on your team. 

Change the default send-as person

Any campaign can be set to send-as the gifter, or a single person on your team. All gift update emails will go to this email address as well.

Change Gift Research options

You can require each gift be researched by Alyce for a perfect fit, or allow your team to choose a gift and send the invite immediately. Or leave the choice open.

Change Email notifications

Learn more about which email notifications to enable in What Alyce gift email notifications should I enable?

Disable Campaign

Is your campaign complete? Disable it to hide it in the gifting flow, and prevent new gifts from being added.

Changes in your Campaign Settings are saved automatically. Once you are satisfied with the settings, you can start gifting.

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