How to Move a Gift to a Different Campaign

Alyce gifts can be moved to a new Campaign. This may be necessary if a gift is created in the wrong campaign, or if goals have changed. Some things to consider before moving a gift:

  • Gifts can only be moved to a Campaign in the same Team
  • The gift sender cannot be changed
  • Settings for any un-viewed gifts will be updated to match the new Campaign Settings
  • Only active (non-finalized) gifts can be moved
  • If users have unsent gifts which are moved to a new Campaign, an admin will need to make sure they have Gift Invites allocated for the new Campaign - Managing Gift Limits

Moving a Gift

Navigate to the Campaign the gift is currently associated with. 

Scroll down to the Gift Breakdown section and check the box to the left of any gift(s) to be moved.

Go over to the "Actions" dropdown on the right, and select "Move Gifts"

Clicking the "Move Gifts" button will open a drop down of all active Personal Gifting Campaigns in your Team. Select the target Campaign and confirm. The next screen will ask you to confirm any changes to gifts, and confirm the move. 

Your gifts are now associated with the new Campaign. You can disable the old Campaign if needed by following our guide How to Disable a Campaign in Alyce.

What About Budgets?

When an unclaimed gift is moved to a campaign with different gift budgets than the originating campaign, here's what happens:

  • The proposed gift remains, and keeps the original gift value
  • If a recipient chooses to exchange their gift, the marketplace will reflect the budgets for the new campaign.

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