Using the Alyce Send-As feature

The Alyce Send-As feature allows users to create gifts and send them as another member of their team, bulk upload a contact list and distribute among your sales team, or send a gift as a member of your leadership team.

The Send-As feature can be used on a gift by gift basis, or an entire Campaign can be set up with gifts coming from a single person. This help guide will show how to use both options.

Send a single gift as another person

Start by creating a gift as you normally would using the “Send a Gift” button in Alyce.
After selecting the Invitation Method, the next step is to “Craft your message.” Use the arrow in the “Send this message as” drop down to choose a different sender.

Make your selection and craft your message. Once everything looks right, confirm and send.

Create a Default Send-As at the Campaign level

In some cases, you may want to create a campaign where all gifts are sent from the same person, but leads are added by multiple people on your team. Create a campaign with a default Send-As to make gifting quick and easy.
Create a Personal Gifting Campaign as you normally would. In the Campaign Settings, select Default send-as from the General settings.

When making this change, you will have the option of forcing all gifts in the campaign to have the same Send-as, or allow users to change it for individual gifts.

Save your settings to apply to the Campaign.

Note: Adding a Template Message to your Campaign will make gifting even faster!

Alyce Send-as FAQ

What will the recipient see when they open their gift?

The recipient will see that the gift came from the Send-as person selected. If a meeting is required, they will be able to book time on the Send-as user’s calendar

Will the recipient see my name on the gift?

No, the recipient will not know the gift was sent on behalf of the Send-as name.

Who will receive notifications for Viewed, Accepted or Declined gifts?

Please see What Alyce gift email notifications should I enable? for more information on gift email notifications.

If a meeting is required, whose calendar is checked/the meeting added to?

The calendar of the send-as will be exposed and the meeting will be booked on that user's calendar.

When a gift is accepted, which account does Alyce debit for invites or gift budget?

The sender's Alyce account will be the one debited. For example, if Amy manages a team of Account Executives and sends gifts on their behalf, Amy's account will need to have sufficient invites or gift budget to cover the gifts.

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