Quick Start Guide: Intro to Alyce Campaigns

At Alyce, we like to keep things organized. When you purchase Alyce, an Organization is created for you. Your Organization is then organized into Teams. From there, you can build Campaigns to create a gifting structure. This structure includes budgets, who can send gifts, how invitations are sent, when gifts expire, and what gifts are available. 

The structure looks something like this:

An organization can have as many or as few teams as you need, and each team can have unlimited campaigns.

What are the types of campaigns? When do you use each?

  • Personal Gifting
    • 1:1 gifting, this is “traditional” gifting. Select a gift and write a personal note to a specific person. Perfect for recipients with whom you already have a relationship - mid-sales cycle, customer loyalty, post-event catch-up.
    • Works great with integrations such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Eloqua, and more. Check out What Integrations are Available for Use with Alyce?
  • 1:Many
    • For sending to large groups of recipients. 1:Many Campaigns generate a link that can be sent as part of a message through your Marketing Automation Platform. Perfect for thanking webinar and conference attendees, holiday gifting, pre-event promotions, and other large lists where you may not have a close relationship with the recipients. Please note that no email invitations are sent through Alyce for this campaign type.
    • Select a single URL for your team or use unique links to book time on individual calendars
    • Ideal for use with Marketo, HubSpot workflows
  • Prospecting
    • Created with BDRs in mind! Prospecting Campaings allow you to create a message, and select up to 3 default gifts. BDRs can then personalize the gifts and send them out in batches. Gift invites are emailed through Alyce or from your own integrated email.
  • Redemption Card
    • Created with conferences and live events in mind, Redemption Card Campaigns generate batches of numbered cards. Prospects enter their unique code on the Alyce website to claim their gift. Curate the perfect collection of gifts for recipients to choose from. These campaigns allow the power of choice, without having to haul your swag closet to the conference!

Answering the following questions before getting started can help you build a better campaign:

  • What is the reason for gifting?  
  • Who will be receiving a gift? 
  • How much do you want to spend, per person?
  • Who is the gift coming from?
  • How will you be sending invitations? 

Campaign Budgets

Budgets for campaigns are set in 2 ways. 

  • The first is in the campaign budget. This sets the value of any gift that can be claimed. Physical products (items that can be sent in a box) have a budget range, while donations and gift cards have a set value.
  • The second is gift invite limits.

    NOTE: 'Gift Limits' / 'Gift Invites' is a legacy feature. Please see Team Budgets for details on the latest functionality. If you need help, please contact [email protected].

    This setting restricts the number of gifts each individual can send from a Personal Gifting or Prospecting Campaign. Any person on a team can be granted gift invites for a campaign. Leaving the default value of 0 means a user cannot send a gift in the campaign. Invites can be set to never refresh, refresh weekly, refresh monthly, or refresh quarterly (calendar year quarters).

Who can change settings?

Any team admin can update the campaign settings. Admins are configured in Team Settings

Settings that affect gifts can be configured at the Team or Campaign level. 

Team level

  • Gift redemption page branding
  • Email branding (applies to emails sent through Alyce only)
  • Unsubscribe link (appears on gift landing pages)
  • Calendar and email integration settings. Allows admins to require users integrate their email and calendar before sending a gift.
  • Follow-up preference. Allow or block emails to remind recipients they have a gift waiting
  • Personal From field. If you do not integrate your email, set what recipients see as the “from” in gift invitations
  • Inventory and availability. Set the type of invitations (email, link, Sleek, or Gallery)
  • Gift types. Allow or restrict gift types at the Team level. Physical, Subscription boxes, On-demand services (events, tastings, etc), Donations, Gift Cards, Branded Product (SWAG)
  • GIft vendors. Allows admins to block specific vendors at the team level
  • Compliance prompt. Allows admins to have gift senders confirm they have permission to send a gift to a recipient. 

Campaign Level

  • Gift redemption page branding
  • Campaign owner. This is the person notifications will go to if set under “Email notifications”
  • Default send-as. Create a campaign where anyone can send a gift as a member of your team. Great for gifts from an influencer or senior leadership
  • Gift research options. Instant gifting, Research Required, or leave the choice up to the gift sender.
  • Email notifications. These are emails to the gift sender and/or gift send-as
  • Connect to Salesforce
  • Gift Budget
  • Gift Invitation Method. The types of invites available for the campaign
  • Gift Limits. The number of gifts each person in your team can send

    NOTE: 'Gift Limits' / 'Gift Invites' is a legacy feature. Please see Team Budgets for details on the latest functionality. If you need help, please contact [email protected].

  • Gift Vendors. The merchants allowed in your gift marketplace. Please note that you can allow all vendors, or restrict. Any vendor that is checked will potentially show in your marketplace.
  • Required Actions. Allows admins to set what information a recipient should provide before accepting a gift
  • Gift expiration. How long an invite remains active before expiring
  • Gift Invitation Landing Page Video Link. Create a video to say (and show!) your message.
  • Post gift CTA. Direct your recipients to another page after accepting a gift

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