Unsubscribe / Opt-Out / CAN-SPAM

How can recipients unsubscribe from Alyce emails if they no longer want to receive them?

Alyce provides an unsubscribe link on all Alyce (from alyce.com domain) emails. We also allow customers to provide their unique unsubscribe link within Team Settings in order to allow their recipients to unsubscribe from all emails from your company, should they choose.

How do I add my company's unsubscribe link?

From the Alyce Dashboard, your admin should click the gear icon to go to the Settings Menu. 

Select the Users & Teams option in the Sidebar navigation, then click the Teams tab, and select the team to that you want to add the unsubscribe link. 

On the General tab, go to the Email Custom Branding and press the button Change. 

On the bottom, you will find the Unsubscribe link setting. Enter your company's unsubscribe link and save the setting. 

If I put in my company’s unsubscribe link, will it take them to our preference management center? 

Yes, by adding your company’s unsubscribe link the recipient will be taken to your company preference management page to opt-out of emails from your company as a whole. 

Does this also opt them out of Alyce emails?

This will NOT opt them out of emails from Alyce, only emails from your company. If they want to opt-out of Alyce emails, they will need to click the Alyce unsubscribe link in the footer that is provided on all emails. It’s recommended that if you see them opt out of all company emails you should disable any existing Alyce gifts - talk to your CSM on how to do this.

How do you differentiate between the Alyce opt-out and the Company opt-out in emails?

When you click unsubscribe at the bottom of an email, you are given three options for opt-out:

  1. This gift invitation from ([email protected])
  2. Any future gifts processed through Alyce, from this company or any other company.
  3. Company unsubscribe link, sending the recipient to your subscription management page that you maintain in whatever system you use to manage opt-in / opt-out.

What does a gifter see if a recipient has opted out of Alyce emails?

If a recipient has unsubscribed from Alyce's emails, a gifter can still send them a gift if their email and calendar are integrated. However, Alyce will be restricted from sending automated emails such as letting them know their gift is waiting.

If a user without an integrated email tries to send a gift, they will see this message: 

If someone has declined all Alyce gifts from any sender, then you will see this message when trying to add that email as a contact: 

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