How to manage team members in Alyce -BETA

Team and Organization Admins have the ability to manage Users in Alyce with this Beta release. If you are interested, please reach out to your CSM for details.

Start by opening the Users and Teams Settings

Click on the Users Tab to manage the people in your Organization

From here, you can add and edit users, change team assignments, and remove users from teams or the organization as a whole.

Add a user

Click “Create users” button to open a dialog to add users individually. To bulk upload users to a single team, please see How to Add a Team Member in Alyce.

Fill in the email, name, company, and team assignment details of the user you wish to invite. The Company name will default to your Organization Name, but you may customize this for subsidiaries and separate departments as needed. 

Add as many users as you like from this screen. When finished, proceed to the next screen by clicking the Next button.

Assign a role, and add the user to all teams they should be a part of. Learn more about Roles and Permissions.

Please note: Alyce sends an invite to the email address you input. The user must accept the invite from the link in their email before they will be able to login or use the Alyce features.

Now that you’ve added to your team, the next step is to set the number of gifts they can set in each campaign. Read more about Managing Gift Limits

Edit Users

Hover over a user to expose the drop down menu. To edit a user, select "Edit." Or click on the name of the user you'd like to update.

From here, you can change the user's role and team assignments. 

Remove Users

As people move to different teams or leave, you may need to remove them from a team.

Check the box next to the User(s) you wish to edit. This page allows for bulk actions.

To move a User to a new team, or remove them from a single team, select “Assign to Team.” 

Save your selection when satisfied with the configuration.

To remove a user from the Organization permanently, select “Remove from account.”

Gifts that have been sent, but not claimed, will still show in the Campaign Dashboard, and will still be associated with the original gifter when searching the Gift Breakdown. The original gifter will not receive email updates, and communication will go to the Campaign Owner if those emails are enabled. See What Alyce gift email notifications should I enable? for more details.