Team Admin Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Alyce! This guide is designed to help you get started with managing Teams and Campaigns in Alyce. Rather than being an exhaustive guide, this overview covers the general settings and where they live, and provides links to articles with greater detail.

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Navigating Your Dashboard

When you sign into the Alyce Dashboard, you’ll find some extra settings.


Filter at-a-glance details about the teams you manage from the main dashboard. Search for specific teams, view stats for a specific date range, and download a full report for the current view.

The Admin Menu

As a Team Admin, you will see more choices in your navigation menu.

The options are:

  • Your Preferences. All of your personal settings such as changing your password, creating a personal signature and message templates, connecting your calendar/email, and controlling how you appear in Alyce are found here.
    • Users & Teams: Tools to add and remove users, as well as team settings such as templates, branding, what gifts and invites are available, and email notifications for recipients are handled here.
  • Gifting on the Fly. Shortcut to the page where you can add recipients to a 1:Many campaign.
  • Logout. This signs you out of the Alyce Dashboard. If you are using Alyce on a shared computer or where someone could access your profile, signing out will prevent any unauthorized access to data.

Managing Teams

One of the first tasks you may have as a Team Admin is managing Team membership and roles. Tips can be found in How to Manage Team Members in Alyce.

As an admin, you will be able to add and remove team members, change their role from user to admin, and resend team invites.


The Campaigns Dashboard gives you quick information for all the Campaigns in your teams.

Just like the Teams page, you can view campaign stats for a specific date range, for a single team, and download a report to share with your leadership.

Managing Campaigns

As a Team admin you are able to create and manage Campaigns. When deciding what kind of Campaign to run, we recommend working with your CSM while you get comfortable with all the settings and choices. The Alyce help center has large section of articles in Campaign Management

Managing Billing

As a Team Admin, you also have insights into money spent in Alyce. Learn more about the Billing Dashboard at Getting Started with the Billing Insights Dashboard. For questions about your billing, please reach out to Support or your Account Manager


There are a few ways to get reporting data from Alyce. The first is the Gift Invitation Report. This is a comprehensive report that can be filtered by team, campaign, user, and date range. Please allow a few hours for the report to arrive if you’ve requested a large amount of data.

How to Use the Gift Invitation Report

Other reports can be exported directly from the Alyce Dashboard, and will contain the data shown in the current dashboard view.

Training resources

Looking for a great video that will walk you through the Alyce essentials? You can find our on-demand training video here. Reach out to your CSM directly or the Support Team at [email protected] for more resources.