How to Link a Smart Campaign From Marketo to Alyce Activate

Alyce Activate™ offers you an alternative to sending gifts one at a time by using a universal gift link. Before sending a link, you'll need to make contacts eligible to access and redeem gifts using the link. Linking to a Smart Campaign is what allows you to dynamically make contacts eligible to accept a gift from your Activate link. For example, you can set up a Smart Campaign that says "When someone registers for this webinar, make them eligible to accept a gift from this Activate link." 

Start by following these instructions to set up a webhook in Marketo for Alyce Activate.In your Marketo program, create a Smart Campaign with a Smart List that designates the TRIGGER that you want to make someone eligible to accept a gift from your Activate link.   Please note: This step MUST include a TRIGGER

In the Flow step of your Smart Campaign, add a "Call Webhook" step and choose the Alyce webhook that you set up to start.  

avigate to Alyce. From the main dashboard, click on your User Name and avatar, then select "Campaign Settings." 

Select "Create new campaign"

Select "Activate Campaign" 

Name your Alyce Activate Campaign

Assign the Activate campaign to a Team and Team Member. The Team Member will be the "From" contact in all correspondences (email, landing page, calendar). Also in this step is the selection of the primary country of your recipients. NOTE: Alyce currently fulfills gifts in the United States and Canada.

Select "Link a marketing integration"

Select "Use a smart campaign"

You will be presented with the folders and programs from your Marketo instance. Select the Marketo Smart Campaign you would like to link, scroll to the bottom, and select "Link your campaign".

Continue through the remainder of the standard Alyce campaign configuration steps. Once completed, copy the Activate link that is provided.

In Marketo, create your email and include the Activate link.  In your Smart Campaign, now add the step of "Send Email" to your Flow, selecting the email you just created.