How to Use Placeholder Text in Invitation Message Templates

Invitation templates allow you to easily send invitations to clients/prospects. Alyce gives you an opportunity to use two different forms of placeholder text for invitation templates:

  1. Automatic "mail merge"
  2. Personalized messaging prompts

For messaging samples, please visit this article.

Automatic "Mail Merge":

When composing a message template, you can use the placeholder fields shown below.

Please Note: the fields should be entered exactly as shown. When a gift invitation message is personalized, it will be replaced with the appropriate information.


Dear [first-name],

I had a feeling you like [product-brand] so I hope you’ll enjoy this [product-name]. Hope all is well at [recipient-company]. Look forward to hearing from you.



Placeholder text:

[recipient-company] Recipient's company
[first-name] Recipient's first name
[last-name] Recipient's last name
[full-name] Recipient's full name
[recipient-title] Recipient's title
[gl] Gift language, i.e., "Gift", "Reward", "Payment"
[gift-name] Name of the product being gifted
[product-brand] Brand of the product being gifted
[my-first-name] Gift sender's first name
[my-last-name] Gift sender's last name
[my-full-name] Gift sender's full name
[company] Gift sender's company

Personalized Messaging Prompts:

Any of the keywords shown below, when written in all caps and placed within (parentheses), will trigger a warning if the invitation is attempted to be sent. The warning will trigger as long as the word is present in the parentheses and in all-caps, even if other words are present within the parentheses.

Example: "I wanted to send over a gift to say congratulations on the launch of (PRODUCT)."

In this example, when you go to send the invitation, there will be a warning for you to replace (PRODUCT) with the name of the product.


  • (VALUE)
  • (TEAM)

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