Alyce for Salesforce Application Release Notes

Version 2.8.0

June 29, 2023
  • With version 2.8 we released a bug fix for our feature to dynamically sync Salesforce Campaign Members to Alyce 1:1 campaigns

Version 2.7.0

June 14, 2023
  • With version 2.7 we added a field on the gift object to keep track of the template name used for prospecting campaigns

Version 2.6.0

November 4, 2022

  • With version 2.6 we updated the email correspondence internally for when a new salesforce package is installed.  

Version 2.5.0

June 22, 2022

  • With version 2.5 we have streamlined the process for sending gifts from Salesforce.

Version 2.4.0

June 1, 2022

  • With version 2.4 we have improved the user experience and performance of Alyce for Salesforce.

Version 2.3.0

February 24, 2022

  • With version 2.3 we have improved the performance and scalability of Alyce for Salesforce.

Version 2.2.0

February 17, 2022

  • With version 2.2, we have added the ability to dynamically add Salesforce campaign members to Alyce 1:1 Personal Gifting campaigns. This allows you to create a draft gift for Salesforce campaign members as part of the 1:1 campaign to streamline your gifting process. This option is available whenever you manually connect your Salesforce campaigns from Salesforce to Alyce.

Version 2.0.0

October 26, 2021

  • With the brand new Alyce for Salesforce integration as part of v2.0.0, we have overhauled our integration to enable real-time synchronization of gifts and campaigns!
  • For bulk synchronization, we have also made it possible to choose the start date from which you would like to begin the synchronization. 
    • You will have the option to synchronize all gifts or all gifts that were updated since a designated date.
  • We have also introduced new out of the box Salesforce reports to help analyze your gifting performance and demonstrate the ROI of Alyce.
    • Alyce Gifts Accepted - All gifts which were accepted by recipients
    • Alyce Highly Gifted Accounts - A grouped report with adjustable ranges on “Total Gifts Invitations Sent to Account”
    • Alyce Meetings Held - All gifts where the User has checked that the meeting was held
    • Alyce Meetings Booked - All gifts which were sent where the recipient provided their meeting availability
    • Alyce Opportunities Influenced - Opportunities where the Account has been gifted
    • Alyce Opportunities Created - Opportunities where the Account was gifted before the opportunity was created
  • We have introduced Gift History to make it possible to review prior gift statuses and see exactly when an individual gift moved from one status to another. Learn more here.
  • With Alyce for Salesforce 2.0, information is now synced using the Salesforce API instead of Apex Scheduled Jobs. Users with API limits may want to review with their Salesforce Admins before upgrading to the latest Alyce for Salesforce Integration.

Version 1.89

July 12, 2021

  • Resolved issues with updating gift and campaign information. Campaign values will now write to the gift object with the initial synchronization job and campaign members statuses are added automatically to all campaigns included in the synchronization job.

Version 1.87

April 9, 2021

  • We're in the Appexchange! Admins can add or upgrade Alyce from the Appexchange.
  • New Status added on Admin page - “Gift invitation scheduled“
  • Package security improved
  • Error fixes

Version 1.85

November 18, 2020

  • With the release of 1.85, we have added a new button on the Gift Object page to refresh gift details. Users can instantly update gift status in Salesforce, allowing them to get the latest gift status without visiting their Alyce dashboard

Version 1.82

August 13, 2020

  • Introduced a new widget within Salesforce to manage Free Meeting time slots! We have also bolstered the admin page to require a confirmation before synchronization.

Version 1.81

June 8, 2020

  • Alyce has updated the entire gifting experience to reflect our new design in the Alyce Dashboard. Users can expect the gifting flow through Salesforce to now mirror the sending experience in 
  • Authentication of the Alyce application is now done on an organization level instead of the integration user level, providing a more secure way to integration Alyce for Salesforce that follows industry security best practices.
  • Visual force elements have been replaced on the Contact, Lead and Account layout with a Related List view; this provides improved loading times for pages. (Visual force element still exists on Campaign to manually connect campaigns to Alyce when required.)

Version 1.79

  • Alyce has removed the Isolated Gifts tab into a report that helps you identify gifts that are not connected to a Lead or Contact.
  • Alyce can now automatically create campaigns with required fields.
  • Alyce added two new cost fields on the gift object to give exact dollar amounts for the gift that was claimed.
  • Alyce updated and streamlined the Admin interface to be easier to use.
  • Alyce improved the speed of data flow.

Version 1.73

  • Alyce can now automatically create leads from gift invitations created outside Salesforce to ensure all data is easily accessible and reportable within Salesforce
  • Alyce now automatically can add mapped campaign member statuses to campaigns when created from within Alyce
  • Alyce now supports Salesforce Shield Encryption (to enable users must turn off some external functionality including all interaction with gift invitations created outside Salesforce. Usage should be reviewed with Solutions Architect, if required)

Version 1.68

  • The available updatable status names for Alyce have been modified to be more clear and easier to use
  • Alyce users can now automatically configure lead or contact as the default for new Alyce gift records created in Salesforce in case there are duplicate records (contact is the default and recommended)
  • The Alyce application tab has been split into 5 separate tabs depending on the needs of users. These include Alyce Gifts (a standard Salesforce tab, also available for list views), Alyce Settings (the new default for all users which is user settings), Alyce Teams, Link Recipients, and Alyce Administration Page
  • You can now enable or disable the new contact, lead, and account fields within Alyce admin settings

Version 1.65

  • Gift owner now matches the final sender for all gifts within the gift object
  • There are new fields within the account, contact, and lead objects for initial, most recent, and overall gifting information to make the data more accessible, and easily shared with other applications
  • The Alyce sync to Salesforce is updated and should now better performant
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.63

  • A number of new fields have been added to the gift layout, these incorporate the lifecycle of the Alyce gift invitation fulfillment process and are available for reporting and analysis
  • The admin panel in the Alyce tab is now visible for non-admins, though only admins will be able to make edits on the page

Version 1.61

  • A number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements including no more jumping around when Visualforce components load, an error pops up when a user doesn't have access to choose gift options, and overall performance improvements
  • 2 new reports for gifts delivered, but not yet viewed, and another on overall gift invitations delivered
  • Gift creation now opens up in a new tab whether users are using lightning or classic

Version 1.59

  • Campaign syncing now uses the Alyce organization API, this should ensure that all campaigns sync more naturally going forward (users should not notice any difference with this change). Please make sure to update the job sync defaults with this update.
  • All versions now have a new single gifting flow matching with this release. You do not have to update your package to take advantage of this update

Version 1.58

  • Added a number of date fields to the gift object to better track gifts throughout the gifting process. Including more information requested (from gifter), invitation sent for fulfillment, and gift finalized (purchased and sent to recipient)
  • New capability to make Salesforce campaign ready for Alyce on the Salesforce campaign page, and to edit Alyce campaigns inside Salesforce
  • No longer collect age due to GDPR restrictions
  • New template report for sales teams to easily see which gifts have research completed and are ready to be selected

Version 1.54

  • Salesforce users with access to Alyce can now mark any campaign in SF as ready for Alyce gifts.
  • Default budget and campaign have been removed from the Alyce app settings. Team admins should ensure defaults have been set at the team level.
  • Additional data fields, as well as improved labels and help text, have been added to the Alyce Gift object.

Version 1.53

  • Resolved: A bug where the Alyce app would be forced to Lightning mode, even if your Salesforce environment hadn’t been enabled.
  • A button has been added to the Admin page to attempt to link prior gifts to recipients’ current Accounts and Opportunities

Version 1.52

  • The Alyce tab has been updated to show the current user’s gifts by default
  • The filters on the Alyce tab have been streamlined
  • Additional data fields from Alyce are now synchronized to Salesforce
  • Salesforce admin users can now bring gifts created on into Salesforce

Version 1.51

  • New gifts created on will now be automatically synchronized to Salesforce
  • When creating a gift for a Contact, the gift will maintain an association to the Contact’s Opportunity and Account (if Contact is a member of a single opportunity and/or account).
  • Permission can be granted to allow users to view all Gifts created by anyone within your organization, even if created as part of a different team

Version 1.50

  • Recipient research is now available within the Gift object

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