Installing or Upgrading the Alyce for Salesforce Integration

Installation Prerequisites

  • Provide your Alyce team with the name and email address of your integration user as well as your Salesforce Org ID. If installing in a sandbox, please share both sandbox and production details.
  • Confirm you have access to Organization Settings within ( for sandbox installations). You will not be able to configure the integration without access to this area.  Please contact your CSM if you do not have access.

Technical Requirements For Installation

  1. Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Versions supported
  2. Access to the Salesforce Web Services API
  3. Installation user needs to be an Administrator profile

Post Installation Requirements

Upon completion of the below steps, please proceed to Configuring the Alyce for Salesforce Integration to complete the connection.

Installation & Upgrade Guidelines

Latest Version: 2.3

App Exchange:

Navigate to the Salesforce App Exchange, and search for Alyce for Salesforce in the search box.

Select the Alyce app and "Get it now."

Note: there will be a cost of $1 shown. This charge is paid by Alyce and you will not be billed.

Confirm the installation, and Install to Production. You will be redirected to the Salesforce login screen.

  1. Select who to install Alyce for.
    • Alyce recommends installing for All Users.  Only your Salesforce users with separate Alyce credentials will be able to use the tool.
    • If "Install for Admin Only" is selected, you must select "Custom Setup" in "Step 1: Security Settings" of the Alyce Administrative Page later in the configuration.
  2. Click Confirm and Install.   

Approve Third-Party Access

Installation requires the approval of access to 3rd party services.
  1. Check "Yes, grant access to these third party web sites"
  2. Click Continue.
If you have a large user group, this process can take several minutes (Average 1-15 minutes). You will receive an email notification once the installation is complete, or you can leave the installation screen up and do other things while it installs.   

Installation Completion

To ensure proper installation, navigate to your Installed Packages by typing "installed packages" into the Quick Find bar.  "Alyce" should be listed under "Package Name".   

Click on "Alyce". 

On the next screen, click "View" under "Post Install Instructions" to navigate to the Alyce Administrative Page.     

Post Installation Requirements

Upon completion of the above steps, please proceed to Configuring the Alyce for Salesforce Integration to complete the connection.

If the above link doesn't work:
  1. Switch from Lightning to Classic
  2. Attempt with the link: Choose a user group to install Alyce into Salesforce

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