Domain Restrictions

What are Domain Restrictions?

Domain restrictions is a security functionality that allows organizations to restrict access to their Alyce dashboard unless the user's email domain is approved.

Domain restrictions are helpful in ensuring that no one outside of the organization is invited by team admins.

Learn more in How to add domain restrictions to your organization


With Domain restrictions, people will not be able to log into the Alyce platform unless they have a domain that has been whitelisted. 

This ensures that team admins cannot send Alyce platform invitations that would allow access to anyone outside of the organization. 

Please note: 

  • If there are several different users on several domains, each domain will need to be added to ensure everyone can access the dashboard. 
  • If using domain restrictions, 3rd party consultants will not be able to access the dashboard unless their domain has been approved.

This can be used in conjunction with Forced SSO so that someone needs to use SSO in order to access the dashboard, and can only access it if their email has an approved domain.