Alyce Assist

What is Alyce Assist?

When sending a gift with a required action of “Calendar Invite” Alyce can send you an email right before your meeting to prepare. We call this feature Alyce Assist. It’s like having an assistant prepare notes for you before an important meeting. Be prepared with important facts, the history of your gift, and more.

How do I turn on Alyce Assist?

Your Customer Success Manager will enable the feature for you, and alert your admins when it is ready. Each individual in your Organization will need to integrate an Outlook or Google Calendar with Alyce in your Personal Settings.

Next, enable Alyce Assist from the Email Settings Page

Who will get Alyce Assist email?

The Sender or the Send-as person will get an Assist email one hour before the scheduled meeting time. When sending a gift on behalf of another person, the sender will not receive an Alyce Assist email.

Meetings scheduled within less than an hour before the start time will not generate an Alyce Assist email. Make sure there is always enough time to receive an Alyce Assist email by enabling a notice period: Personal settings: set a minimum notice period

What information will be in Alyce Assist email?

Meeting details

  • recipient full name
  • recipient job title
  • recipient email
  • recipient photo
  • meeting date & time
  • meeting link
  • recipient’s notes of a meeting

Recipient company details

  • Recipient  company social links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 
  • Recipient company name. 

What types of campaigns does Alyce Assist work for?

The Alyce Assist works for a Personal Gifting campaign. It is not available for meetings scheduled through an Alyce 1:Many Campaign.

What recipient name will be displayed in the email?

The name that the recipient entered when accepting the gift will be displayed  in the email

If my Alyce Log-in email is different from my Integration email, which email will get the Alyce Assist email?

If the sender or send-as person has different emails for Alyce sign-in and their integrated Google or Outlook account, Alyce will send the email to the one you use to sign into Alyce. Please talk to your Alyce CSM if you would like to change your Alyce sign-in email.

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