How to redeem a gift card

Great choice! Once you’ve claimed your gift choice, confirmed the details on the final page, and sent your thank you note, you will see more details about your gift card. There are two options.

Instant Gift Card

An instant gift card will display a link as soon as you confirm your gift choice. Don’t worry if you closed the tab though, we’ll also send you an email. 

Open the email and click the link to claim your gift card

The next page is an intermediary page, with instructions on how to claim your gift. This is not your gift card code.

Copy the URL and paste it into your favorite browser. This link will redirect you to the actual gift card information. 

Follow the instructions on this page to use your gift card. For cards from retailers with physical locations, you can save the code to an app, or present the barcode for scanning at time of purchase.

For apps like Grubhub, Instacart, etc, enter the code in the Gift Code area of the payment information in the app.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards require that you navigate to a link first, and then enter a security code. Once you have done that, a code will be generated for you to add to your Amazon Account. To add your gift card once it's generated, go to

Non-instant gift cards

Some gift cards must be manually purchased by our team. In this case, you’ll receive 2 emails. The first will come from the Alyce Gift team letting you know we got your order and will fulfill it soon.

The second email will come from the retailer directly, with instructions on how to redeem your card. Please allow up to 2 business days for the gift card email to arrive. The redemption process will be quite similar to the screenshots above, and should have a support contact option if you run into any questions.

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