Getting Started with Billing Transactions

Billing transactions is your home for tracking historical deposits and debits. You can use this page to review invoice deposits, gift withdrawals, and team balances.

The Deposit Ledger page can be accessed by clicking the “Transactions'' tab at the top of Billing menu

Clicking a Group or Team in the dropdown will show the deposits and debits related to that particular Group. The Billing Ledger will then reflect only their transactions. Depending on your account configuration, some Groups will have Teams nested under them.

  • At the start — start of the selected period balance
  • At the — end of the selected period balance


This is the date and time that the operation was processed by Alyce in UTC.


The amount the action was for. For example, if a $75 gift is accepted, you will see -$75 as the line item. Note, you may see a $0 amount if a gift or deposit is against a team other than the one selected.


Amount that remains in your account after the operation is processed.

Operation Type

Describes the type of operation taken (ex. gifting_withdrawal)

Add Date/Time range option note here

  • Deposit/Historic deposit* - Funds added to the account
  • Gifting withdrawal - Funds removed when a gift is accepted
  • Invoice/Historic invoice - Funds added when an invoice is sent
  • Withdraw/Historic withdraw - Manual deduction of funds. Usually as an accounting correction.

*Please note that deposits are updated weekly. Debits are updated in real time.


Includes any identifier that is associated with that operation. You can follow the link to see gift details, including gift recipient and purchased product.


Any additional information about that transaction, includes invoice numbers and details for more manual events. 

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