Alyce Billing: Teams and Groups

On the Billing Deposit Ledger page, you can see how your teams and groups are structured and their balances. 

At the end of each month, you will be invoiced for any teams or groups that are in the negative, to bring the balance back to zero. 


In this example the Sales Group has three teams, each team shares the group's funds with the running total shown.

At the end of the month, an invoice will be generated for the $240.


Teams can be moved to different groups and new groups can be created. You only need one team to create a group as shown by these groups. 


Remaining Teams behave differently than groups.

  • The total shows the balance of all remaining teams, but this is not the number that is used for invoicing. 
  • The balance and costs stay on the team level 
    • The individual teams will be invoiced separately as needed


Adding funds prior to launching a campaign or end of a period. 

In certain scenarios, you will want to add additional funds as a deposit.  The gift deposit can be started with your Account Manager. The deposit can be added to a group or to one of the remaining teams. We cannot add a deposit to a specific team under a group. 

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