Alcohol Gifting FAQ

Alcoholic beverages are a traditional gift to say “Congratulations!” From weddings and graduations, to big promotions, new homes, and newsworthy announcements - a bottle of something special stands out. 

Why is shipping alcohol difficult?

Alcohol is a regulated substance - with each state having different rules for how it can be sent and received. In some cases, localities within a state may have even stricter guidelines than the state itself.

Some states allow the shipment of wine but not liquor, while some allow liquor to be shipped within the state borders. Beer delivery rules also vary widely by state.

In addition to the state legal guidelines, each of our Merchant Partners also has their own rules depending on their shipping and delivery model. Partners choose which states they ship to depending on these regulations, and whether or not it's worth getting the permits. We work with a variety of merchants that can ship alcohol to most locations in the US.

Where can I send an alcohol gift?

Generally speaking, we can't ship alcohol to Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, or Tennessee. Michigan, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are also tricky. Alcoholic gifts are not available outside the United States. When in doubt, feel free to reach out to [email protected] with questions.

What happens if I send alcohol to someone where alcohol shipping is restricted?

If your recipient accepts a gift that cannot be shipped to them, our Gifting Operations Team will let the recipient know that it’s unavailable in their state, and give them the option to choose a new gift. When creating Campaigns featuring a gift of alcohol, we strongly recommend setting an exchange option with some alternate gifts. See documentation here on how to add this to your campaigns.

What can I send instead?

The Alyce Marketplace has great celebratory gifts for the wine, beer, or liquor enthusiast on your list. Searching for those labels, or for the interest area “Alcohol” will return many gift options which do not contain alcohol. Some examples are: cocktail making books, a variety of glassware, whiskey stones, wine decanters, and many personalized options.

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