How to create a multi-country 1:Many Campaign

Alyce makes it easy to create moments focused campaigns which include your prospects and customers around the globe. You can now send a gift to multiple countries from a single 1:many Campaign.

Create a new campaign

Step 1: Start by opening your Campaign Settings. Click on the “Create new campaign” button

Step 3: Select 1:many

Step 4: Name your campaign and assign it to a team

Step 5: Next, select the countries to which you will be sending gifts. Consider the territories your tTeam covers, and where your customers and prospects are currently located.

Please note: Going past this point, the Country and Team will be locked in place and cannot be edited - double check your chosen countries before continuing! This setting cannot be edited later.

Now that your Campaign framework is set up, let’s choose a leading gift.

Select leading gifts

  1. Apply filters to narrow down the Marketplace and help select a gift
  2. Filter the marketplace by budget
  3. Choose a leading gift for each country
  4. Click on Select gifts button at the bottom to confirm selection and close the sidebar

Marketplace Best Practices - quickly choosing gifts per country

  1. Choose all the countries in your campaign in the filter options
  2. As you choose gift options for each country, click the ‘x’ next to that country’s name in your filter list to filter out products for the country where you already have a selected gift
  3. Click on Select gifts button at the bottom to confirm selection and close the sidebar

Alyce automatically detects recipient location and show the relevant Leading Gift for the recipient.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect initial gift, you can customize how your recipients can accept their gift. Read more about Gift Exchange Options here.

Exchange marketplace for 1:many multi-country

  1. Click on Specify Exchange Settings to open editor sidebar
  2. Define what gift types are available for recipients
    Protip: Country column indicates in what countries a gift type is available
  3. Define the desired budget in USD and see what gift card amounts recipients can choose in their local currency

The exchange rate reflected in Campaign Settings is adjusted at 30-minute intervals. The amount charged to your Alyce account is based on the actual time of purchase.

In some cases, gift card amounts might not be available at the selected gift card price. In this case, recipients are shown the gift card amount closest to the gift card price, without going over the budget.


Do I need to know the country my recipient lives in?

No. When you select countries consider the territories your team covers, and where your customers and prospects are currently located. Alyce will detect the recipient country and offer a relevant gift.

What if no leading gift is available for the recipient?

Recipient will see email of the gifter associated with the gift link and a message suggesting to connect with a gifter. So the gifter could send another gift available at recipient’s location. 

Do I need to create a Marketo link for each country?

No. Alyce 1:many campaign connected to a single Marketo campaign.

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