How to Determine Which 6Sense Recipe to Use (Standard vs Custom Objects)

There is one recipe included as part of the Alyce for 6Sense integration which allows you and your team to send a gift to the right person from the right account at the right time. Before using these recipes, ensure that you have completed the Alyce for 6Sense Integration Prerequisites and successfully Installed the Alyce for 6Sense Integration.

How to Determine Which Recipe to Use

To determine which recipe you should use (standard object or custom object), please check the following steps in 6Sense first.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Orchestrations” tab in 6Sense and select the “Export Scores - Salesforce Accounts” orchestration.

Step 2: Click “Edit Orchestration” to see the details of the orchestration.

Step 3: Click the “Target” section and check which value is selected under “Object” (Standard or Custom). Whichever value is selected for your Production environment will indicate which Alyce for 6Sense recipe you should use in the section below.

Next, follow the steps in our guides on how to configure each recipe.