Installing the Alyce for Microsoft Teams Integration

Note: To install Workbot into your Microsoft organization, you must have the Global administrator role assigned. 

To confirm whether you are a Global Administrator, login to the Azure portal, then click Azure Active Directory > Roles and Administrators > Global administrator.

Step 1: Go to Organization Settings within your Alyce instance.

Step 2: Within your Organization Settings, find the “Microsoft Teams” integration within the “Automations” section of your Organization Settings and click “Connect”.

Step 3: Expand the “Manage your Microsoft Teams integration” section (if not already expanded), and click “Connect”.

Step 4:Enter your Microsoft credentials, click “Continue”, and then authenticate into your Microsoft account.

Step 5: You should see a screen that says “Permissions requested”. Check the box to “Consent on behalf of your organization” and then click “Accept”.

To confirm that you have installed successfully, you should see a check-mark and “Connected” status next to your Microsoft Teams integration. 

Congratulations, you have successfully installed and enabled the Alyce for Microsoft Teams integration! To get started with the integration, refer to this article.