How to Configure Alyce for Microsoft Teams Recipes

One recipe is included as part of the Alyce for Microsoft Teams integration which allows you and your team to optimize your follow-ups when recipients engage with their gifts. This recipe allows you to trigger gift notifications as a direct message to the gift sender when gifts have been viewed but not yet accepted within 30 minutes of being viewed. Please see below for how to configure this recipe.

Send a Microsoft Teams direct message when a gift has been viewed but not accepted

This recipe will trigger a gifting notification in Microsoft Teams directly to the person who the Alyce gift was Sent As if a gift has not yet been accepted within 30 minutes of the gift being viewed.

Step 1: To start this recipe, ensure that you have successfully connected the Alyce for Microsoft Teams integration per this document.

Step 2: Within the recipe, click “Start”.

Step 3: Direct messages will be sent to the “Sent As” person in the following format and will include the corresponding Alyce gift link to optimize follow-up:

“Hey [Sent As Person], an Alyce gift ([Product Name]) for [Recipient Name] that was Sent As you was viewed but not yet claimed. You should follow up with [Recipient Name] from [Recipient Company Name].”

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