Entity Type Cannot Be Inserted: Campaign

When attempting to Connect a Salesforce Campaign from Alyce Campaign Settings ( Option 3 here), you may see the following error:

entity type cannot be inserted: Campaign

This is an error from Salesforce which means that Alyce failed to create a campaign through the integration user. Typically, this is caused by one of the following reasons: 

NOTE: Please contact the Salesforce administrator for your organization. The settings listed below can only be adjusted by your internal Salesforce admin.

1. The Marketing User box is not checked on the integration user's User Details page in Salesforce:

This is necessary to create Salesforce Campaigns. Please confirm whether this box is checked for the integration user.

2. The integration user doesn’t have the permissions to create a campaign:

Please confirm these are enabled.

3. The campaign has required fields that have not been mapped:

On the Alyce Administration page - Step 7 - confirm that there are no fields marked with an asterisk (indicates a required field) that have not been mapped.