How to Download and Use the Gift Deposit Form

We have improved the process for how to add a deposit to your account by making it both faster and easier to complete. Below are the steps with an explanation to try and resolve any confusion when filling out the Gift Deposit form.

If you have any questions our Support Team: [email protected] or your Account Manager can also help.

After the form is completed and emailed to [email protected] our Accounting Team will send you an invoice.

The deposit itself will not be posted to your groups until after we receive payment for the invoice.

To help with any questions on how to fill out the Gift Deposit Form, the information below is broken into three sections:

  1. Where to download the form
  2. Company information and date
  3. Assigning groups and amounts
    1. The option for a PO#

1. Download the Gift Deposit Form from the Billing Dashboard

This is the form you will receive from the download:

2. Information about your company should be filled in with your company’s name.

If you are operating under a DBA please include both Company names. If you have multiple organizations set up within Alyce please specify which organization you would like the deposit to go to.

3. For the deposit amounts, please fill in the specific group name where you would like the deposit to be posted.

You may use all 3 lines if you would like to split the deposit across multiple groups. If you are using Acrobat to fill in the form the total will calculate itself.

  • If your company has multiple organizations, please limit this form to only one organization.
  • We are unable to post deposits to a specific team, only to a billing group.

4. If a purchase order is required please select Yes under this option. We will require the PO# to be filled out before issuing the invoice.

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