Salesforce Opt Out Sync

If your organization is connected to our Salesforce 2.0+ Integration, you can take advantage of our Salesforce Opt Out Sync Feature. This feature will sync with Salesforce’s default “Email Opt Out” field on the Lead or Contact object and prevent users from sending gift emails to recipients that have opted out of email communication from your Organization. Keep in mind that this feature will not sync with custom email opt-out fields, and the recipient’s email in Alyce must match the email in Salesforce exactly to sync properly. 

If you are interested in using this feature, please reach out to your CSM or [email protected] to enable it.

Once the feature is enabled, there is no further configuration required. Outlined below are the messages that Alyce users will receive when trying to gift a contact that has opted out.

1:1 Personal Gifting Campaigns

When a user enters the contact information for a 1:1 gift, Alyce clicks the “Create New Contact” button Alyce will check for the opt-out email field in Salesforce. If the field is checked and is “true,” the user will receive this message:

They can click “Try another email” to go back to the contact creation screen.

Prospecting Campaigns

For prospecting campaigns, Alyce will check for the email opt out field in Salesforce when the email send is triggered that way if you are scheduling the emails to go out at a later time Alyce will sync the most up to date unsubscribe data.

User will go through the prospecting sending process as normal and if they choose to send now they will receive the following screen with a short summary of which emails were sent and which were excluded due to opt out rules

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