Installing the Alyce for Influitive integration

Step 1: Navigate to Org Settings > Org Integrations and Connect to Influitive

Note: you will need to be logged in as an Org Admin user to access the Org Integrations page

Step 2: In another tab, Open the Influitive Admin Portal > Navigate to Settings > Integrations

Step 3: Manage Alyce Application > Setup

Step 4: Copy the Authorization Token and Org ID and paste in the requisite fields in Alyce > Click Connect

Step 5: Copy Alyce Webhook and return to Influitive Admin Interface

Step 6: In Influitive Admin Interface, Navigate to Settings > System > Webhooks > Add a Webhook

Step 7: Add the following details to the "Add a Webhook" pop-up, then click Save:

Webhook Name: Alyce

Webhook Provider URL: paste copied webhook

Format: JSON

Type: Event

Run Webhook on these events: Redeemed Reward, Reward Redemption Requested

Step 8: Please contact [email protected] to enable the integration in your Influitive account and await confirmation. You will need to do this before creating a reward in Influitive.

In the meantime, you can Create your Influitive Campaign