Creating an Influitive campaign

Please make sure you have already connected your Alyce and Influitive accounts. See this article if you have not already done so.

In order to start fulfilling gifts selected by your Influitive participants, you will need to set up Alyce campaigns that these gifts will be redeemed through.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Org Integrations > Manage Influitive Integration > Click "Create Influitive Campaign"

Step 2: Fill out the campaign details and click "Create Campaign"

Some notes:

  • You can name the campaign anything you like
  • Any users who are a member of the Team assigned to this campaign will be able to see campaign performance, but they will not be able to send gifts via this campaign. Influitive campaigns can only be used to fulfill gifts that are requested through the Influitive recipient interface
    • If you wish to hide this campaign from certain team members, tick "Grant access to specific team members"
  • Gift Exchange Option
    • All Influitive recipients will receive a link to accept their gift via Alyce. If you select "Only Accept," recipients will not be able to exchange for other gifts. If you select "Accept or Exchange," they will be able to exchange the originally selected gift for any other gifts available in this campaign, based on the originally selected gift value. See Managing Gift Budgets for more information.
  • Default Message
    • All gifts sent via this campaign will use the message you set
    • Messages will come from the Campaign Owner

Step 3: Edit any additional campaign settings as needed

At this point, you have completed the Alyce-specific setup for Influitive. Now, it's time to add Alyce gifts as reward options in Influitive.