How to Send a Direct Delivery Gift

Direct Delivery gifts can be a great way to surprise and delight recipients who you may have interacted with previously. Sending directly to them allows the recipient to receive a gift without going through the gift selection process. This is a great option for timely occasions such as congratulations and “get well soon” gifts. This can also be used for event follow ups where recipients may have selected their gift ahead of time. To make sure your brand is front and center we are launching Direct Delivery with all of our Branded Products!

Once you have the recipient information and mailing address here is how you can send a Direct Delivery Gift:

Similar to any other gifts begin by clicking the yellow "Send a Gift" button in your Alyce Dashboard from any page.

The next step is to choose a Campaign. For Direct Delivery you will want to choose a 1:1 Personal Gifting Campaign

Next, you can add a single recipient by entering their name, email, company name, and country. We will add their physical address later in the flow.

Once you enter the recipient's information you will choose a gift. In order to utilize Direct Delivery be sure to select a Branded Product from the marketplace otherwise you will only be able to use one of our other invitation types.

Next under the invitation type you will see “Direct Delivery” if that option is grayed you will need to go back and choose a Branded Product for the gift. If you do not see the option at all check with your Admin to make sure it is enabled at the campaign level.  

Once you have selected Direct Delivery you will enter the recipient's phone number and physical address for their gift shipment. Please make sure this information is as accurate as possible to ensure a successful delivery!

Our address verification system will always verify the address as well. We recommend using this verified address:

When you confirm the address you will also agree to our disclaimer that you have permission to send a gift to this address through your own organization’s privacy policies. If you have any questions about this please let your CSM or [email protected] know!

After setting the method for the gift If you chose a gift that requires a size or color option a sidebar will open up where you can select those options. If you need to find out what options to choose and come back just click the “X” in the top right and your gift will be saved as a draft:

Next, you'll add messaging for your personalized note that will be added to the gift’s packaging. This has a limit of 250 characters and will apply any formatting that you enter in Alyce so make sure you add line breaks or indents if you’d like them. Also avoid the use of any special symbols such as emojis.

Once you set your message and continue you’ll be asked to confirm everything looks correct before sending your gift off to surprise and delight someone!

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