How to Utilize the Alyce for Dynamics Integration

This article will go over the features of the Alyce for Microsoft Dynamics Integration.  If you need to first install the integration please follow our help center article here: Installing the Alyce for Microsoft Dynamics Integration. Once installed users will be able to utilize the integration by clicking the Alyce Icon under their apps:

Sending Alyce Gifts From Dynamics:

To send a gift from the app navigate to a contact either by searching for one or choosing a view under the “contacts”. Once on the contact page use the “Send Alyce Gift” button at the top

From here you will complete the Alyce gifting flow the same way you would from the Dashboard. The integration will automatically pull the email, first name, and last name from the contact page. You will need to fill in Company and Country to continue. 

Viewing Gift History for a Contact:

To see what past gifts were sent to a contact and what the status of those gifts are you can look at the timeline on the contact’s page. Anytime a gift is created, sent, viewed, or claimed the Alyce automation will post an update to the timeline with the Gift ID, Gift Name, and Date of the status update:

Viewing Gift Data in Dynamics:

Through the Alyce/Dynamics automation a number of data points from Gifts will be synced to Microsoft and available under the “Gifts” Tab. By clicking the Gift ID users will be able to see further details on the gift. 

If you have further questions about how to be utilize the Alyce for Dynamics integration reach out to your CSM or [email protected]