How to set up a webhook in Marketo for Alyce 1:Many

To run Alyce 1:Many campaigns that leverage the members of your Marketo Smart Campaigns, you'll first need to set up a webhook with custom header in your Marketo instance.

  1. Start at  Navigate to: Organization Settings > Integrations, and click "Manage" in the Marketo box. Find "Generated Marketo Webhook URL" and click "Copy URL".
  2. Navigate to your Marketo instance.  Within Admin, navigate to: Integrations > Webhooks > New Webhook.
  3. Populate the following fields:
    • Webhook Name - ex: Alyce Webhook
    • URL - paste in the Generated Marketo Webhook URL you just gathered from Alyce
    • Request Type - POST
    • Template - you must copy and paste the template below
    • Request Token Encoding - JSON
    • Response type - None
  4. Click "Create"

New Webhook Template:

{"leadId": {{}}, "email": {{lead.Email Address}}, "firstName": {{lead.First Name}}, "lastName": {{lead.Last Name}}, "smartCampaignId":{{}}}

Next, with the webhook created, add a custom header. The webhook will not work without it.

  1. Navigate to Webhook Actions > Set Custom Header
  2. Click "+Add"and enter
    • Header: Content-Type
    • Value: application/json
      • NOTE: any inconsistencies in formatting will cause payload errors
  3. Click "SAVE"