Testing the Alyce for Salesforce Integration

Testing the Alyce for Salesforce Integration by Sending a Test Gift


  • If you are sending a test gift in your production environment and plan to accept the gift as part of your testing, please notify your CSM. They will alert the Alyce operations team to fulfill the gift.
  • The Alyce sandbox is only accessible with credentials provided by your Alyce Solution Consultant or CSM.  Please notify [email protected] of any Users who require sandbox access.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Alyce campaign configuration, please engage your internal Alyce program manager and/or Alyce Solution Consultant who can assist with setting things up as necessary.

Let's get started!

Step 1. Ensure you have first connected a campaign between Alyce and Salesforce. Follow the steps outlined here to set up the campaign. 

NOTE: Gift research options should be set to Instant Gift in the test campaign.

NOTE: Test User must be allocated invitations within the campaign in order to send the test gift. The campaign must have Gift Limits set.

NOTE: 'Gift Limits' / 'Gift Invites' is a legacy feature. Please see Team Budgets for details on the latest functionality. If you need help, please contact [email protected].

Step 2. Create a test contact or lead in Salesforce:

First Name: Burt


Email address: Any email address you have access to aside from the email connected to your Alyce account.

Following this exact structure ensures that our operations team knows not to process and fulfill your test gift. By sending this test gift, you will not impact your allocation of sends as part of your contract.

Step 3. Click "Send Alyce Gift" on record, as pictured below (Lightning):

Follow the prompts on the screen, selecting the campaign you connected in Step 1 of these instructions.  

(Note: If you are in Classic, the button will render at the top of the contact record. The same steps then apply below.).  

Step 4. Access the recipient landing page. (optional)

When you receive your test gift invite email, click the link contained within to view the personalized landing page.

NOTE: The view will not register if you are logged into Alyce.com.  Either log out or open the link in an incognito / private browser window.

NOTE: Test email invites from a sandbox environment will NOT be delivered.  To continue your testing, access the URL from the location below.

Step 5. Navigate to the Alyce Gifts tab to see if your gift has been recorded in Salesforce. This can sometimes take a few minutes, so if it doesn't appear immediately don't panic!

Lightning Steps to get to Gifts Tab

Click on App Launcher in top left corner and type "Gifts" and click on it under "Items."   

Change dropdown on tab from "Recently Viewed" to "All", and your gift should appear on the list.   

Classic Steps to get to Gifts Tab

Click the + button in your main navigation and scroll down to "Gifts" in the list (alphabetical).   

Click the "Go!" button next to View: All and your gift should appear on the list.   

Step 6. Confirm with your CSM and [email protected] that you do see a gift.

Once you have confirmed you see a gift on the Alyce Gift list, you have completed the test and confirmed that the integration is working properly.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to your CSM or the Support Team at [email protected].

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