How to send a gift invitation through Salesforce

Sending a gift in Salesforce is a lot like sending a gift in Alyce. It can be easily done with these simple steps

Note: This article shows images from Package 1.87. See Installing or Upgrading the Alyce for Salesforce Integration for tips on updating your current package.

From Salesforce, find the contact to whom you want to send a gift:   

Click the Send Alyce Gift button to open the gifting flow. If this contact does not exist in Alyce, you will be prompted to add the contact. If everything looks correct, click "Create Contact."In the next step, choose the campaign from which you want to send this gift.   

If you have requested research on a contact, you’ll be redirected back to the contact page in Salesforce. In this case wait for the research to come in. 

To monitor contacts for completed research, navigate to gift options in the “gifts” tab, use the related list in the contact record, or use Gift Selection Ready Report. Please note: If you are not requesting research, you will choose a gift in the next step

Once the research is complete, click the arrow beside “Choose Gift Option” in the top bar to sort ready gifts at the top. Scroll through to find your gift and click on “Choose Options” beside the gift to continue the gift flow.   

Inside the gift flow in Alyce, choose one of the options Alyce recommends (shown below), or select “Choose your own” to browse all gift options in the marketplace.   

7. Next, select from the invitation types available and click “Set Method.”Please note: depending on the configuration of your campaign, not all of these gift invitation options may be available.   

Write a message to include in your gift invitation. Choose from the templates already included with this campaign your company provides or select “Blank Template” to write your own.

In this step you can choose to send this message from yourself, or send it as someone else.

Tip: To add personalization to your message, click “Insert custom data”  and choose from personalization tokens to auto-populate in your message.  

Preview your gift message by clicking “View message” or “View landing page.” Once you’ve reviewed your message and are ready to continue with the gifting flow, click “set message and continue”

If this campaign includes required actions, you can configure additional actions for the gift recipient to take before accepting a gift. 

At the end of this step you can also choose what recipients can do with their gift.

Pro-tip: We strongly encourage you to keep your gift settings to “accept, exchange, or donate their gift.” By giving the gift recipient the option to choose ensures they get a gift they enjoy, and you gain valuable insight into their personal interests. 

Once your gift configurations are final, click “Continue.”

You are now ready to send off your gift. Check the box confirming the message looks good, and click “Send Invite.”  

Important note: Do NOT close the window pictured below until the app has returned you "back to Salesforce". This MAY result in the gift not being associated with the appropriate contact or lead in Salesforce, which will then entail a manual association, taking time away from your day!

Tip: Include the Gift URL in any follow up  before the recipient accepts a gift to optimize conversion. The Gift Invite URL is a link to the recipient’s custom gift page. It gives recipients quick access to their gift, so they don’t have to search for it.

Don’t worry about copying it now, the gift invite URL will show on the gift confirmation page and it can be accessed at any time on the contact record or gift record.