Using Gift Link Invitations

Gift Link Invitations allow you to create a gift, and send it as part of conversation or communication flow outside of the Alyce platform.

If Gift Link Invitations are enabled as part of a gift campaign, you will be able to select this method during the gift creation flow in a Personal Gifting Campaign. See Gift Link Invitations: how to use and enable - For Admins for instructions on enabling Gift Link Invitations as an Admin

Creating a Gift with an Invitation Link

Start by creating a gift as you normally would - How to send a gift invitation with Alyce

When setting the Gift Invitation Method, choose "Generate Link"

Finalize your message and review the landing page to ensure everything looks correct. Instead of Alyce sending an email or physical invite, we will generate a link unique to this gift. You must send the initial message to the recipient.

Alyce will send reminder emails and let your recipient know when their chosen gift is on the way.

Gift Invitation Link and Gift Statuses

When you generate a link with a new gift, the status will show as "Link Generated" in your Gift Breakdown.

Once the gift is viewed and the recipient has interacted with the landing page, the status will update just like any other gift.

Ways to use Gift Link Invitations

  • Add the link to your next email exchange 

  • Send a note on LinkedIn 

  • Print it and slip it into a thank you note

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