How to Schedule a Gift

Need to prepare a batch of gifts, but want to wait to send them out? Click "Schedule" to pull up a date and time in the future. We'll send the gift then.   

When should I schedule a gift?

Prepare ahead for important milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. Send a special First Day of Work gift, or welcome someone back from an extended leave.

How do I schedule a gift?

The last step of sending a Personal Gift is to review the message and gift settings, and confirm. Once you've marked the checkbox, the "Send Invite" button will be highlighted. Click the carat to open the scheduling menu. 

Personal Gifting Campaigns:

Personal Gifting Campaign

Prospecting Campaigns:

Choose from tomorrow morning or afternoon, Monday, or select a custom date and time.

In the Gift Breakdown, a scheduled gift will display as "Gift scheduled" with the date the gift will be emailed. 

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