Sending an Alyce Gift - Checklist

Sending an Alyce gift is easy and fun. After all, who doesn’t love to give presents? The Alyce team has created a checklist to help you make the most of your time. Once you’re set up and running in Alyce, these are the steps to keep in mind to be successful with gifting. This is not an exhaustive how-to.

  • Verify the recipient’s information
    • Name spelled correctly?
    • Company and country correct?
    • Is the email valid?
  • Choose a Campaign
    • Each Campaign will have different settings. Check with your Admin if you’re not sure which one to use. 
      • Campaigns may have different gift values, default messages, gift expiration periods, or gift options
    • Not seeing any Campaigns? You may need Invites which can be granted by your admin.
  • Select a great gift
    • If you know a little about your recipient already, feel free to choose something you think they will like. 
    • Not sure what to send? We can do some research and give suggestions.
    • Allowing a recipient to exchange their gift for something else in the marketplace or donate the value to charity leads to the best outcomes. Read more in our Annual State of Gifting Report.
  • Craft a great message
    • Short, sweet, and to the point. Shorter messages have higher acceptance rates.
    • Is there a clear call to action? Does the note state why you are sending this gift?
    • Call out the option to exchange or donate
    • Pro-tip: Create a Template to use to speed up gifting
  • Choose a delivery method for the Invitation
    • Email - Alyce sends the initial message
    • Link - We host the gift and provide a link, but you send the invite
    • Physical (when available) we send a card or box with the invite details
  • Confirm your message and send
  • Follow up
    • Most people don’t accept a gift after the first message (60% of meetings require at least 4 contacts). Reaching out to the recipient increases the acceptance rate and provides a chance to build your relationship. We see 4.7X more meetings booked when the gift URL is sent in a follow up message via LinkedIn and mentioning via a voicemail
  • Repeat. Relationships take time. Sending gifts to celebrate milestones is a great way to strengthen your connections.

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