How to Source Contacts from Eloqua for 1:Many Campaigns

To use the Alyce + Oracle Eloqua integration as part of your Eloqua campaign canvas, you first need to ensure that your Alyce 1:Many campaigns are created with the Oracle Eloqua recipient source.

Creating an Alyce 1:Many campaign with the Oracle Eloqua recipient source will follow the exact same steps that you use to create any type of Alyce 1:Many campaign, with one small change. For a refresher on how to create an Alyce 1:Many campaign, please refer to this article.

The only change that is required to source contacts from Oracle Eloqua for your Alyce 1:Many campaign is to choose the Oracle Eloqua integration on the Recipients step. This process is detailed below.

Step 1: On the Recipients step within the 1:Many campaign builder in Alyce, click “Add Recipients”.

Step 2: Within the “Recipients Uploading” sidebar, choose “Use Eloqua integration”.

Step 3: Your campaign has now been connected to Oracle Eloqua. Click “Continue” to finish creating your Alyce 1:Many campaign.

Congratulations, your Alyce 1:Many campaign will now be available within your Oracle Eloqua campaign canvas! 

To continue using Alyce in your Oracle Eloqua campaign canvas, refer to this article.

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