How to Configure Alyce for Salesforce Recipes

One recipe is included as part of the Alyce for Salesforce Automation which allows you and your team to automatically add contacts from your Salesforce system to Alyce 1:Many campaigns. 

Please see below for how to configure this recipe.

Trigger gifts based on Salesforce campaign member status

Based on the criteria that you specify in this recipe, Alyce will automatically approve and add the corresponding recipients to the 1:Many campaign in Alyce that is connected to your Salesforce campaign. 

Step 1: Before configuring this recipe, ensure that you have already created the corresponding Alyce 1:Many campaign to which you would like to upload your contacts. For a refresher, you can follow this guide on how to create a 1:Many campaign in Alyce.

Step 2: To start this recipe, ensure that you have successfully connected the Alyce for Salesforce automation per this document.

Step 3: Within the recipe configuration, choose the Salesforce campaign member status that you would like to use as the trigger for adding Salesforce campaign members to Alyce 1:Many campaigns.

Campaign members will be added to the linked 1:Many campaign in Alyce when they move into the status that you specify during this step.

Step 4: Within the recipe, click “Start”.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured your Alyce for Salesforce recipe!

Salesforce campaign members will be added to the connected Alyce 1:Many campaign as soon as they move into the status that you specified in the recipe configuration above. Campaign member statuses will continue to update as recipients engage with their Alyce gifts.

As a next step, we recommend connecting your Salesforce campaign to your Marketing Automation Platform and/or Sales Engagement software to send your Alyce gifts.

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